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What are Managed Services and why do I need them?

The industry's description is as follows:

Managed Services is the proactive management of an IT (Information Technology) asset or object, by a third party typically known as a MSP, on behalf of a customer. The distinction that sets a MSP (Managed Service Provider) apart is the proactive delivery of their service, as compared to reactive IT (break/fix) services.

But what does that mean to my small business?

It's like having your own "on-call" computer service department. We provide the solutions, monitoring and remediation of your computer systems' problems. It allows you to concentrate on running your business rather than be bogged down with computer problems and solutions. The hassles you experience with break/fix IT work can be reduced, remote monitoring and maintenance can detect problems, notify our IT professionals, and have issues fixed before they ever cause a computer to blue screen or a server to crash. This can also be helpful on complying with state and federal regulations regarding electronic information.

The MSP subscription model gives you more budget predictability. Most plans include all remote services (including remote log-in by our technicians).

The biggest issue we see companies struggle with is the time lost by having their computer out of action or slow to work. Small business owners love when under a Managed Service program, there are no surprises. They know what it costs them per-employee per-month to have their IT looked after, and this can be factored into budgeting and hiring forecasts accordingly. The idea is to spend a little every month in order to be managed and operational, and to avoid having to spend a lot at a time when your systems are down and you're over a barrel with employees, management or worst of all .... customers.

We are in a great position as your Managed Service provider to assist in decisions regarding upgrades and new concepts to help you compete better with the assistance of today's technology.

How it works:

Every server and workstation in your office (and home or remote workstations if desired) will have an "agent" installed on it that reports back to our server. If the agent detects a problem, it will tell us to have a look at it. We then try to fix the problems in the background before interrupting your users. If not, we will call or message your users to get permission to make the needed repairs.

Software installs, patching and antivirus monitoring can all be done remotely and if we're doing our job correctly - you might even forget about us!

We can also provide secure, encrypted off-site backup of your critical data to keep your data safe in the event of a catastrophic event at your office.

Click here or call us at (781) 908-0095 to find out if our Managed Service program is right for you.